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Our Facilities & Equipment

Studio 1
A live recording room of over 900 square feet which also doubles up as a showcase studio for live events/video recording. Equipped with stage plus and lighting and sound system.  Our fully equipped digital recording system runs Cubase and Logic Pro through our PreSonus digital desk.

Studio 2
Our second rehearsal room offers 250 square feet of rehearsal space includes PA system, basic drum kit, two guitar rigs and bass rig

Studio 3

Our newest studio offers over 150 square feet of rehearsal space. Ideal for smaller bands but still contains full backline and professional PA system. Access is easy straight through from the loading area directly in to the room.



We now sell strings, drumsticks etc along with a few select second hand items such as FX pedals etc.

Café / Bar & Lounge

Serving a variety of sweet and savoury treats as well as tea, coffee and hot chocolate. And don't forget we have a fully licenced bar if you want something a little stronger!


Equipment List

Drum Kits
7 shell Yamaha Rock V drum kit
5 shell Drum Diablo drum kit
5 shell Peavey International series drum kit
Various straight and boom stands, snare stands.
Various ride, crash, HI-Hat cymbals from Sabian, Paiste and Stagg.
Stock and supply of various makes of drum skins and sticks including Vic Firth, Aquarian, vans, Promark.
Bass Guitar Amplification
Ashdown 180 Electric Blue amp head.
Ashdown Mag 300 4x10 combo.
Peavey 150 1x15 combo.
Ashdown 1x15 cab
Peavey 4x 10 cab
Torque 1x18 cab.
Peavey KBA 100 keyboard/acoustic guitar amp.
Guitar Amplification
Randall 150 Valve/ solid state amp head.
Line 6 Spider111 75 watt amp head (x2)
Line 6 Spider 11 150 watt stereo amp head (x2)
Marshall MG 100 DFX combo
Marshall MG 50 DFX combo
Marshall 4x12 speaker cabs (x 5)
Marshall 4x10 speaker cab.
Line 6 150 watt stereo cab (x 2)
Peavey 112 Bandit combo.
Line 6 HD Pod pro (modelling effects unit, x2)
Line 6 Bass Pod pro (bass guitar modelling effects unit.
Custom 1 x10 combo.

Equipment List for Band and Artist Gigs

FOH control:

Soundcraft  32:8:3 GB 8 mixing console
6 x gates
2 x compressors.
Yamaha Pro R3 reverb
Yamaha SPX 90
Yamaha D1500 delay
Zoom RFX 2000 multi fx
4 way monitor mix (3 across front of stage + drum fill)
Spare aux. if required for artists own IEM's

FOH Sound System:

Mackie SR 1530  active full range cabs
Mackie SR 18 active bass cabs
3 x powered 12" + horn wedge monitors
1 x powered 15" + horn drum fill
Various Marshall, Line 6 + Ashdown cabs available for back line use if required
Drum kits available but no breakables. Phone for details.
DMX controlled LED stage lighting rig + moving mirror units FOH
Usable stage area 20' wide x 11' deep

Due to room size restrictions we are unable to accommodate personal PA systems.
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